A bit about me...

Raised in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada, I'm a passionate photographer specializing in Interiors, Design and Architectural Photography.

My Photography background includes nature, sports and wedding photography in my twenties. I left photography for a career as a Graphic Designer in 1998. During this time I started photographing Real Estate, eventually making this a  full time job in 2012.

In 2017/18, my passion for Interiors and Architectural Photography took over and I began studying and implementing techniques for high end interiors photography which involved complex lighting and post production techniques that would elevate my work to where it is today. 

I currently provide high quality photography for Interior Designers, Decorators, Builders, Developers and Architects. My work is known for being inviting, dramatic and clean with a polished, natural look.

My goals are to work with like-minded individuals, wishing to accurately archive and represent their brand in the best light.

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